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01 About Us

GT Builders is a well-known and established company founded in Darwin NT in 2000 by Antonios Tsougranis and comprised of a partnership between his sons Paul Tsougranis, Tommy Tsougranis and George Tsougranis each with a strong background in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

GT Builders is a family owned company whose members combined have over 50 years experience in the construction industry.

The directors themselves are hands-on on every project, manage and oversee the projects from commencement to hand over.

02 A team of professional personnel

GT Builders have established a team of professional personnel whose task is to ensure all aspects of the consultation, design, approval and construction process runs smoothly and efficiently, to achieve a quality product.

As developers GT Builders mantra and vision are that of producing high quality contemporary, bold styles with vibrant colours that fit in with Darwin’s landscape and lifestyle.


03 We Specialize in All Areas
Urban and Remote:


Residential Projects Of All Sizes And Styles

• Small two-dwelling residential up to multiple dwelling residential projects
• Dwellings at all price points, from affordable living to the most luxurious of homes (average 20-25 dwellings per year)

Project Management

• We can provide project management services for your own development — construction management, design management and all-encompassing project management services from inception to completion

Commercial and Industrial

• Hotels, multistory apartment buildings, and commercial/retail premises
• Office / shop fit-outs, warehouses and sheds

Civil Works

• Construction of carparks of any size
• Earthworks and pavements including resurfacing and landscaping
• Hydraulics—water and sewer mains

Renovation Works

• Repairs and maintenance



04 Outstanding style, service and quality

All GT Builders Development projects are delivered with outstanding style, service and quality. GT Builders enjoys a unique relationship that allows us to control project outcomes and construction  timetables and deliver cost-effective products across the full spectrum of property development projects. This ensures that GT Builders remains competitive across a broad spectrum of the market.