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01 Saftey


GT Builders are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment. We take all reasonable steps to identify, assess and control safety factors in our working environment that may affect the health, safety and well being of our employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.

Our Operational Health & Safety policy is achieved by contributions and consultation from our management, site staff and all of our employees through our OH&S Consultants.

Our impeccable safety record over the past years highlights the importance and our commitment to health and safety in the workplace, and lets you know you’re in safe hands.

02 GT Builders Policy statement

It is the responsibility of GT Builders Pty Ltd to provide a safe and healthy place to work for all employees, contractors and members of the public.

GT Builders is committed to improving every aspect of health and safety by endeavoring to reduce or eliminate any risks and hazards in the workplace and providing sufficient resources to comply with the Act, relevant Codes of Practice and all other legislative obligations.

To achieve a low risk working environment, commitment and co-operation of employees, visitors and contractors are essential. The Director and Supervisor are responsible for the implementation of this policy.

In order to achieve the general provisions of this policy, East Coast Designer Builders will endorse:

  • OHS Induction and awareness
  • Site Safety rules and disciplinary procedures
  • Changes to work methods
  • Provision of OHS equipment
  • Workplace inspections
  • Reporting and recording incidents, injuries and illnesses
  • Providing OHS information to employees, contractors, and sub-contractors

03 Specific Responsibilities

The Director is required to ensure that this policy and the OHS program are effectively implemented into work activities and to support the Site Supervisor and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.

The Site Supervisor is responsible ensuring that the workplace they control is safe and without risks to health and safety. The supervisor shall ensure employees, contractors, and sub-contractors working at that workplace are behaving in a safe manner without risking health and safety. Site Supervisor will be held accountable detecting any unsafe or unhealthy condition or behavior and enforcing prompt action, so that unsafe, unhealthy conditions and unsatisfactory behavior is eliminated.

Employees are required to comply with the OHS policy and program, report any unsafe condition or act, to ensure their own health and safety and that of their fellow workers as well as the public.

Sub-contractors engaged to work for GT Builders are required to observe site rules and take directions on health and safety matters from the Director, Supervisor, employees or officer, Sub-contractors are obliged to act in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, Visitors to GT Builders construction sites are required to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety policy and program, observing directions on health and safety matters from employees or designated officers. Failure to comply or observe these directions could result in visitors being required to leave the site.